Sacred Soul Business What Is GIFT CARD and How Does It Work?

What Is GIFT CARD and How Does It Work?

Successor of the gift voucher, the gift card is a card of a certain value allowing exchanging it in stores for one or more items. Some gift cards can also use don the internet. Present for many years in the United States, the Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance is available since 2004 in France. Gift cards represent a very important market with a turnover of 3.1 billion euros in 2007, the gift card quickly imposed and succeeded in a few years to dethrone gift vouchers (2.3 billion euros).

Its advantages and disadvantages

Gift cards have many advantages such as ease of use, the card can activate directly at.  The cash register, it is then identify by a unique code and can use din another.  Store in addition, it is more secure than gift vouchers, it has several elements making it.  Difficult to copy and has no value before activation the gift card does not have many disadvantages.  Apart from the expiration date, it is necessary to use it in the allotted time, the.  Amount display on the card can also sometimes embarrassing, but a gift is a gift and.

Card types

There are several types of gift cards and each has a different purpose:

The gift card “mono-sign” is a card usable only in the network of the store that sold you the card. Most often, it can use for any type of purchase (unless otherwise indicate in the terms of use).

The gift card “multi-signs” as for it is valid in several businesses. It is sometimes possible to use it in different signs. Some of these maps can use according to geographical criteria such as, for example, businesses locate in a specific region. The map “multi-signs” can also thematic with use on a certain type of shops (spas, massage parlors, cinemas …). It is possible to find this type of card in store or on the internet.

It is also possible to find gift cards for use only electronic , this is the case of gift cards iTunes or Google Play that can be used to buy music, smartphone applications or movies directly on the dedicated platform with a credit obtained after validating the code present on the card.

Some online sales sites, also offer gift cards. After purchase, they can be sent by mail to the address of your choice or directly by email. The cardholder can then buy the item (s) of their choice from the online store as they see fit.

What Is GIFT CARD and How Does It Work?Why offer a gift card?

If you do not know what to offer, the gift card is a simple way to please . It can be offered at a birthday, Christmas or other occasions even to children if they are big enough, it will allow them to then choose something that they like.

Cards to personalize, it’s even better!

Some gift cards are also customizable with the text of your choice (happy birthday + first name, quotes …) or even a photo and will allow the recipient to keep a souvenir after use.