Sacred Soul Health Top 3 Sex Positions for a healthy sex life

Top 3 Sex Positions for a healthy sex life

Healthy sex is really important for the betterment of your life and future. It can help in eliminating all your stress and make your mood refresh. Many of us always think that just because if any sex position is comfortable, mean it is capable or effective of leading to great pleasure for sure. You need to be aware about some top sexy positions to make your sex experience for better than ever.

Simple missionary position

This is a most preferable position by most of the men due to its great benefits. You can feel the pleasure of sex by looking into the eyes of your partner by going for the missionary position. Make sure you are not skipping off to the next one because now you are going to learn how to have fun. Many women prefer it due to the connection and intimacy it allows for. This position would surely enhance your sex life with your partner without any second thought for sure. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it is the right time to experience it.

Love making position

You should understand that it is a love making position and you should do it with care and love. Do not hurt her by going rapidly and always go slowly to make her comfortable. Always try to build your sexual intimacy and trust with your escort girl. You can also check out Pittsburgh escorts for spending some quality time with the beautiful models. They are having real sexy and talented girls for you.

The High Rider position

It is really possible to change the classic missionary position into the high rider by first moving one of your partner legs further away from the other one. After doing this, you should bend your right leg up and kneel down above your partner. It helps in keeping the intimacy from the missionary if you want to show more male dominance during sexual intercourse with her. This is something which turns women on like crazy for sure. Try to rub her boobs and stroking her cheek and face lightly.

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A unique way to show male dominance in this position is to place your hand around her neck gently. Make sure you are doing it very lightly so that she will be more comfortable with you while getting intimate at night.

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