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So many brothers and sisters have been asking to shed some light on the latest Fan Club / Fanzine logo so I am posting a public reply, it's quicker. I really am glad you liked it!

I designed it to honour the fans who are effectively from the FOUR DIRECTIONS OF THE EARTH. Our CULT tribe!

The Tao in the middle respresents LIFE and THE BAND and their great MUSIC (that for us addicted is so connected to our lives as the music of The Cult influenced our lives and was always there in our highs and lows).

It's a medicine wheel because we, the fans,  by being connected to each other and to the band, we are part of some kind of positive path made of friendship, sense of family, loyality towards the music and the men who created great music since so many years, it also involves our and their personal growth and more...

Usually cardinal points are North/South/East/West but I felt like inverting East/West as fans are more from west than east

I also used just 2 fonts for CULT, a C and a L and just oriented them differently.

That's it! 

JP xoxo




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