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John Tempesta & Mike Inez

John Tempesta appears on Mike Inez' instructional DVD "Behind The Player: Mike Inez".

It's an interactive music video featuring Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez .

Released on November 1, 2008 by IMV, the DVD features Inez  giving in-depth bass lessons for how to play "Again" and "A Little Bitter" by Alice in Chains and an intimate behind-the scenes look at his life as a professional musician, including rare photos and video.
The DVD also includes Mike jamming the two tracks with John Tempesta, VideoTab™ that shows exactly how Mike plays his parts in the two songs, as well as other bonus material.

IMV donates $.25 from the sale of each Behind the Player DVD to Little Kids Rock, an organization that gets instruments in the hands of underprivileged kids.

If you want it just visit IMV:








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