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Ian Astbury | CombatRadio.Net

This friday 21 Oct.2011 at 11.00 AM (PST) Ian Astbury will be on

Fans can send a question to Ian on twitter and for the bros and sis who are not on twitter, you can post your questions for Ian Astbury on facebook here:

To be sure of the time calculate your time difference here:



* 11.30 AM UPDATE *
They just said he couldn't make it at the last minute... And the interview is postponed...

* 7.00 AM (Rome, Italy) UPDATE * 
Combat Radio sent a message and said they'll keep us posted about Astbury coming on.
Should be worked out pretty quick, probably next friday. They are sorry of course.
From what I see on facebook, some of the bros and sis were happy it's postponed lol Some were working, some had computer problems and so on... Besides the interview with The Black Ryder was very nice!
Let's see for the next friday dear bros and sis!






Thanks to Brother Chad Childers and Combat Radio for the news



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