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Meet & Greet | VIPs part 2

Be sure to upgrade your ticket to live the Meet & Greet//VIP experience... CFFC!




"Another stand out point for me on this tour is, that along with the other guys, I’ve also been really enjoying the VIP Meet n Greets that have been taking place. From talking to those of you who’ve come along to these it seems as though you’ve been really enjoying them too and the response has been great. It’s amazing for us how much people seem to be enjoying the ‘fly on the wall’ behind the scenes experience of coming in and watching the sound check. That varies day to day as it really is part of the work we have to do in making sure that everything is set up right for the show and people seem to really like that part where for us its just ‘a day at the office’. After the soundcheck they also get to meet the band and hang out then they also get into the gig first so that they can choose their location for watching the real show too.” Billy Duffy - August 2013

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