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 From Al Farquhar - London

Hi, I just found your site - I was looking for somewhere to put my views as I have been a Cult fan since 1984 and not that that is particularly relevant, but some things happened at The Empire on Sunday that all Cult fans should be aware of.

Firstly, the show was INCREDIBLE. The right venue, Albert Hall is seated, so the audience vibe has a bit of a low ceiling in a way, here the old school dancefloor meant that the audience REALLY REALLY let go as the band started to deliver. I'd heard differing comments as the tour reached the Uk and then came towards London and recently the band have not quite got the sonics and feel right of vintage tunes. They ABSOLUTELY delivered though, it sounded SPOT on, no overt rockist flourishes in the playing that weren't there on the record (or the orignal tour, I saw the Love tour first time round at Hamersmith Palais, which was the best dancefloor in London - rip!) Ticket price was different, was £5 then, now £35!

Most of Love was played, no Little Face or Judith. Phoenix was a standout in the uptempo tracks and Revolution was just GORGEOUS. Ian sang beautifully all night, he said at one point he was struggling health wise but he was ON IT vocally. He didn't go so much for that fantastic front man dancing that we all love him so much for, he just sang brilliantly - all the lyrics as well, which often hasn't been the case. He thanked us all for sticking with the group and a lot of people around me looked like they wanted to cry! The encored with hits from other albums and then ended with the Death Cult dead mickey mouse face logo up as a backdrop and played Horse Nation and Spiritwalker off the first album, which was really emotional ands powerful for me as Death Cult I saw live and bought both the 12" singles when they were released, which got me into the Cult tribe and then the Dreamtime album really got under my skin and here I am still a major major fan. I work in music professionally myself, I've run a record label and I now manage bands and without doubt the first two Cult albums Dreamtime and Love and the shows they did then inspired me totaly to want to get involved in music myself.


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Friday, 24 June 2011

Official Southern Death Cult t-shirts

now online and for sale!

A percentage of sales will go to a
Native American Charity
that Ian Astbury will choose




Thanks to The Southern Death Cult (Ian, Aki, Buzz and Barry), Crysti Stevenson and all the tribe @ The Southern Death Cult Official Facebook Group

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mike morton said:

I love the SDC T Shirt ad!
July 05, 2011

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