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Saturday is here going to see The Cult at the Albert Hall, exstatic,can't wait, leave home with my mate  which I have managed to get the Cult flowing through his blood. So first descision what to listen to in the car during the journey: I thought four cd's are required... Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum - unforgettable; Pure Cult  - excellent mixture, Sonic Temple - fantastic, My Mixture from all others Albums for True Believers.

Cd goes on 83rd dream, I am ready for pure quality. Fast Forward arrive Albert Hall, unfortunately could not get on the floor due to the crazy prices but was nonetheless tingling with anticipation of what delights were to unfold.
Looking down at the mixing desk from my vantage point I see an outline of a bearded man nodding to the wails of the back up artist, first tingle of excitement, it's Ian without a doubt, the Jim Morrison look I think suits.
My mate is saying "where, I can't see him"... He has disapeared, slight question, was it him??
Back up band finishes, time for a quick beer back to the seats.

Here we go, wheels of tones, darkness screams, whistles, image on the screen, indians eyes with colour bands across his face drag me back to the old days, long hair, indians, hair standing up.Billy's guitair little taps on the string feedback, crowd louder, longest wait, ever tap, the drumsticks twice, here we go, Nirvana, tambourine away, everyone is on their feet, Ians voice reminds me of days past.. He had wonderful tone, we are all older now but you suddenly find yourself going back many years.

My favourite live recording is at the Lyceum but we are there, no messing, Big Neon Glitter, Ians' voice sounding better and better, Love Live as we bounce and glide through the album Ian's singing is outstanding. Pheonix, Hollow Man, it gets better, Sanctuary, the words Ian repeats, excellent rendition then the cold chill Black Angel, this song closes the Love album. No, already ,I dont want this to stop and it hasnt' yet...,Black Angel is a fantastic lyrical masterpice and guitar classic, iIlove it. They go off your body and mind is already coming down although you know they're coming back on you. I don't know how much more they're going to give you, my mind is running away with what could be played, what is it to be one from every album, yeah great what one's cant think of them quick enough.

They're back, Electric ocean now  - I remember Brixton Acadamy before the release of the album - gotta play Rise, yes evreyone is jumping about, pumped up tingling with the fantastic performance bestowed upon us. "Do you belive in magic" says Ian. I'm thinking now we're here all night, I dont want this to end.
Original line up treated to two more from the love album. My night is complete. We end with Sanctuary. Very fitting as Billy said "kick the chairs over".
We're going home after this. I watch Ian and Billy walking off stage arm round each other, many years of friendship, you feel everyone would liked to have been able to do the same and say "thanks for the performance you have given."
I go and get My USB and listen to it all the time re-live Love.
Thanks to Ed and Namsat.

P.S. I got back into car, cd goes on Live at the Lyceum, what tune Moya, say no more if you have heard the concert YOU KNOW.

Please dont take to long to come back round, last year Kentish town Forum, this year Albert Hall, keep going, keep it real.

Your Cult Fan without doubt,

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Guerrilla Videos | Bournemouth, UK PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 January 2011

7 fan videos from The Cult show in Bournemouth, UK @ O2 Academy on 23/01/2011


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Horsekisses1 said:

  Amazing videos! Will I get anything done today? smilies/wink.gif
January 25, 2011

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