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Boris feat. Ian Astbury [new]

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Boris has earned its rabid cult following for their ability to expertly harness music as power. Be it psychedelic metal, colossal drone, blistering punk or distortion-ravaged shoegaze, a Boris song is an exploration of sound as physical mass. The Japanese trio's classic 2002 album, Heavy Rocks is a landmark of their mastery. So, it's fitting that the group's new album sharing the same title and very similar artwork to that disc, this year's Heavy Rocks seeks to redefine "heavy" music in a culmination of the band's tireless efforts over the past two decades. Heavy Rocks (2011) is beyond heavy, it firmly establishes Boris as the pillar of innovation and integrity in guitar-based music.

Heavy Rocks opens with fitting aplomb as a driving drum beat catapults a thunderous drop-tuned guitar riff headlong into the Sabbath meets Eddie Hazel pummeling of "Riot Sugar" (featuring guest backup vocals by Ian Astbury). Without a moment's hesitation, Boris throttle the accelerator into the pulse-racing "8", with a supercollider merging of My Bloody Valentine's hazy drone and chunky metallic guitar riffs. Elsewhere, bristling thrash meets ethereal psychedelia ("GALAXIANS", "Window Shopping") and lush, languorous nearly 13-minute songs "Missing Pieces" and "Aileron" navigate explosive quiet/loud dynamics with inventive use of song structure and emotionally-wrenching melody. Heavy Rocks is at once both a reinvention of Boris' magical ability to combine elements of myriad genres as much as it is a return to form, expanding and developing on the ideas explored on the original 2002 Heavy Rocks album.

Boris invited some very, uh, heavy friends to contribute to songs the album, including longtime collaborator and Boris' touring second guitarist Michio Kurihara (Ghost), Ian Astbury (The Cult, BXI), Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer) and Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer, et al.) It's worth noting that all of them tracked their parts in Tokyo, not via file transfer.

Some of Heavy Rocks (2011) originated following Boris touring the world in 2008 in support of their last album, Smile. The trio set about recording new material and an album was completed, then abandoned. The band sought to challenge themselves further, and the end results are two new albums of dramatic growth and the most powerful extension to Boris' unparalleled creativity, the all new Heavy Rocks (not to be mistaken for their earlier 2002 release, Heavy Rocks) and Attention Please.

Boris formed in the early 90s as a four piece just-for-fun endeavor with the sonic template of influences like Melvins and Earth. By the time of its 1996 debut as a trio Absolutego (later released in the US via Southern Lord in 2000), Boris had already hit its stride in creating unique ground-rattling heavy, melodic music. The group, bassist/vocalist Takeshi, guitarist/vocalist Wata and drummer/vocalist Atsuo went on to release nearly 20 studio albums, as well as numerous collaborative albums -- including projects with Merzbow, Sunn0))), Ian Astbury and Michio Kurihara of Ghost -- EPs and singles on various labels throughout the world. For a further in-depth band history and discography, please see HERE.

Heavy Rocks (and its counterpart, Attention Please) will be available worldwide (excluding Japan) on LP, CD and digital download via Sargent House on April 26th, 2011. The vinyl edition of Heavy Rocks includes different, extended versions of "Missing Pieces" and "Czechoslovakia".




Boris "Heavy Rocks" CD, LP, Digital
2011/04/26 Release

1. Riot Sugar [feat. guest backup vocals by Ian Astbury]
2. 8
4. Jackson Head
5. Missing Pieces
6. Key
7. Window Shopping
8. Tu, la la
9. Aileron
10. Czechoslovakia

-Guest Player-
Michio Kurihara, Ian Astbury, Kensuke Saito(9dw), Yoshiko Kawakita(D-Day),
Faith Coloccia(Mamiffer), Aaron Turner(ex.ISIS, Mamiffer, HOLC)

Produced by Boris
Sargent House (World Wide)


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Sunday, 27 April 2008
For all my brothers and sisters!

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blackorchid said:

  ....In vastitud of space and in the inmensity of time, its my joy is to share a planet and an epoch with U guys..!!Great job!!
and I wanna have a copy soon...
July 01, 2011

witchywildflower said:

  love it..thankyou so much..blessings smilies/grin.gif
June 18, 2011

mandy vingerhoets said:

  Tsja what can I say, beside that this is the CULT.
January 14, 2010

stefano said:

  Grande grande grande!!! Non ci ho capito quasi un cazzo ma me lo sono divorato il filmato. CFFC!! Julie for president!!
December 24, 2009

Slade said:

  SacredSoul - I'd love to have a copy of this and would gladly pay the postage.Please send me the info you need at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and we'll figure something out,OK?!
September 10, 2009

Sacred Soul said:

  Hi Slade, you can download the flash files here and burn a dvd or request a copy to me, privately, not selling it, i prefere to exchange or you can just pay the postage (I live in Rome, Italy)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

September 09, 2009

Slade said:

  Hello! New member here, but certainly NOT to The Cult!! I've been a VERY big fan for a long time now.Soooo....Can anyone tell me where I can get a real copy of this show?! Still don't know how I missed it...?!
September 09, 2009

Gillian McGinley said:

  Amazing. Ian is the frontpersons frontperson. Totally inspirational.
August 27, 2009

Denny said:

  I haven't watched this since it first aired. Was listening to Sonic Temple and was counting on my fingers that it was 20 years ago when this album was released and so many memories some good and others quite painful.
August 03, 2009

joao da silva said:

  Fantastic, shocking loved it. Thank you. smilies/cheesy.gif
July 29, 2009 | url

Andras Zilahi said:

  smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
August 17, 2008

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