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I've been flooded with messages about Ian and his 9/11 comments in NYC @ Terminal 5... Ppl called Ian d-bag, jackass and every sort of undeserved names and also @ I've read all the posts about Ian and the 9/11 "get it over" comments... 

Here is his answer: not in an interview, not in a forum, not in a blog... He's a man of ACTION and he loves life and celebrates life.
We cannot celebrate death all the time... that will make us sick and with no Energy to give to anyone and to ourselves... our children and the young generations need support, action... and the best way to survive to infinite tragedies going on everywhere and happening,  even now, to every man or woman living on this earth, is to remember in our hearts who we lost and what made us suffer or is making our life painful and keep on going on with courage and strenght, celebrating life, taking care of who's alive and trying to make their lives less hard... there are so many ways and chances for ACTION and for celebrating life and not continuing to celebrate the culture of pain, war, revenge and death... Ian did it in his life, he survived to so many tuff things, I really don't  think he was talking in NYC to offend anyone or minimize the tragic events... Celebrating life and Art with a kid... great SYMBOL for those who have eyes and hearts opened!

I want to specify that's merely my opinion, I'm not saying he did it to reply to the discontent generated to some by the 9/11 comments, I just want to point out how easy is to jump up to conclusions while loosing totally the perspective of who is really Ian Astbury, he's a generous man who has always fought for right causes... Some ppl really missed the point... Again...

You're great brother Ian! xo


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Ian Astbury | "Ruins" news update 2 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ian Astbury just finished filming the final scenes for his first short film "Ruins" and he will  start the editing phase when he will be back from MusINK.

Stay tuned.


Thanks to Ian A.


Previous "Ruins" update here.


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micko said:

February 18, 2010

BillyDuffyIsGod said:

  WOW! Can't wait! Will this movie be a part of the CAPSULE???
February 17, 2010

Brian Robison said:

  Great news! smilies/smiley.gif
February 17, 2010

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