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"The culture has gone into an economic and political phase where the spiritual principles are completely disregarded .The religious life is ethical, it is not mystical, that is gone and the society is disintegrating consequently. IT IS. The question is will there ever be a recovery of the mythological mystical realization of the miracle of life of which our society is a manifestation and all of us brothers and sisters IN the spirit of this all informing mythos."

I can comment this beautiful post by Ian A. only with this... - JP

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Los Angeles // Dec. 20, 2009

Another day of hard work in the studio!



  Chris Goss and John Tempesta relaxing


  Billy Duffy creating some new 2010 amazing guitars


Los Angeles // Dec. 21, 2009

Chris Wyse  is doing some more upright bass with a bow on the second track today... Two new CULT songs with bow work, wow!

Let's hope to see soon pics of Ian in action singing or playing something!  Smile


photos // thanx to Johnny T.


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Tracy Potts said:

  Cool pix! I'm looking forward to the new music and hearing Wyse's upright bass. Yeah, where's Ian?
December 21, 2009

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