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The Cult | MMX capsule 1

The Cult posted on Facebook and Twitter this update: "MMX capsule 1 ... it's coming."

Great philosophy and they're faithful to it!

If you don't have any clue and don't figure out what all this means, read this extract from  the extended version of the amazing and really in-depth interview that Ian did in Sept. 2009 // The Aquarian Weekly online:

"People want to be spoon-fed. You know, a minute-twenty seconds of ‘Man Decapitated By Donkey’ or fucking whatever it is. Nonsense. We’re just a society for spectacle, you know? Some people have the strength to turn away from that and create their own reality. I guess the idea of film is just totally natural for me, anyway. Again, don’t make albums, make films, and then create the soundtrack to go with that film and do it fresh, while it’s happening. For example, writing songs, writing capsules (you can’t really call it an EP because EP means Elongated Play which is a vinyl reference), call it capsule collections. In fashion they talk about capsule collections whereby it’s like a little consolidated collection dropped for a limited time, then it disappears. I guess that’s more like the philosophy for the model I’m interested in, capsule collections for music and short film with two or three songs dropped, small, with more releases but shorter and more packages. Instead of releasing the whole meal, it’s released in bite-sized chunks".



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