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This is not the typical review but it really hit me and I decided to publish it. She's got a lot of heart and soul xox



THE CULT // LOVE LIVE // Sept. 14 - Massey Hall - Toronto, Ontario


I had explored all the avenues that could possibly lead me to Toronto for the C day, all the odds were against me: tickets were selling out and finances weren’t getting better. To crown it all, the bad the band didn’t seem to be planning to add a date in Montreal this time around. Trying hard but successfully to apply all the useful teachings as to stay in the present moment and stop resisting to what is, I had gracefully accepted that for the fist time in 20 years, I just wouldn’t make it.

On the morning of the 14th of September, I woke up with a claw twisting my guts, urging me to take a last look around. First person I went to was Ed. “Cult fans stick together”, he said as, less than 20 minutes later I announced him that his tip had been successful –thanks to Jason for his flexibility. An hour later, I had dropped everything and was on my way to Toronto, a little unsecured about where I would stay or how I would come back home, but nonetheless totally amazed at the sudden turn things had taken for me: I had been swept by a comet called The Cult.

High on oxytocins, I used the time of the trip to meditate and feel what was happening to me. I also read a great book called Way of the Peaceful Warrior, very appropriate for the occasion. I got off the coach at 6, just a few blocks away from the venue. I called my brother John to see if he was able to accommodate me. He communicated to me his joy and his excitement, as he announced me that not only was I welcomed to stay over, another of our close friend from Ottawa was going to be there, as well! And there is even more. On my way to the venue, guess who I bumped into? No, not Ian, nor Billy, but a good old Cult friend, Michel, who had also traveled from Montreal with his lovely girlfriend to see the show! We had a little chat and exchanged phone numbers, and my ride back home was organized. I just couldn’t believe how generous life had been to me that day!

As I was patiently waiting for Jason to come with my ticket, I saw Ian walked by. Now, you see people doing weird stuff to be noticed by their favorite musician, but I’ll never understand that someone just goes grabbing Ian by the arm while he’s on the phone and be happy to be told off…  

Then came The Cult.

For the first time in many years, I couldn’t get a hold on the first row places, which were sold to legal scalpers to be then resold at an astronomical price. BUT I was overjoyed with my 13th row seat, as there is nothing like oxytocin to be high on. I was also very pleased to get a completely different perspective than I usually get. The sound was awesome and I had a global view of the stage, including the film, which was the best I ever saw since Pink Floyd. My heart, already filled with streams of all these Cult hormones, bursted out of its physical limits when I saw the Love crystal of ice from the Memory of Water [1] on the screen. I could relate to the band, the music and the lyrics like never before.

After Nirvana, Ian had to tell the crowd to put their cell phones away. From where I was, I could see a sea of thousands of screens, people actually more focused on their cell phones, texting their friends and sending out audio clips. What a sight it must be from the stage, the blank generation. To think 20 years ago, people were swinging lighters in the air! A great example of how all this technologized communication material is cutting us from the present moment. How people are willing to sacrifice their presence to be able, in the future, to go back in time to see what they haven’t been able to experience because they were too busy saving the present moment for the future, an illusionary reproduction of a past moment that no longer is. How grotesque is that? When I finally made it to the front, surrounded by immobilized people sticking their arms all around me, too busy with their movie making to enjoy the show, I made a promise to myself never to bring my camera again to a gig. To me, The Cult is not “something” that you watch, The Cult is to be experienced.

But the phone episode didn’t affect the music and the band’s quality of presence. I was blown away, everything was perfectly timed, the band was playing so damn tight, the show was running smoothly and the music was perfectly synchronized to the film playing in the background. I also noticed that Billy seemed totally happy with his tech-team. Ian was moving gracefully, no pain, powerful voice, top energy. The band was in beautiful symbiotic state, each perfectly completing the other’s part, giving and sharing this moment with each other and with the crowd.

Although I don’t want to give too much details about the film, – and couldn’t, even if I wanted – it is difficult to separate it from the music, because it brought much to the sensory experience. It was an excellent way of updating the music to the present day. My highlight was by far Brother Wolf, Sister Moon, I have never experienced that song so profoundly, with the beautiful images evoking nature and spirit while paying tribute to the native culture. This was one of these magical moments The Cult can give us. The atmosphere was soaked with love and communion. Ian went straight to the roots of his Native American spirit, well beyond the interested attention his words have triggered in the past. It was beautiful to hear him say to his dad to “rest in peace,” considering the challenge it has been to him. Black Angel was also very deeply felt, the film reflecting the lyrics so powerfully. The Love album is definitely exploring all the facets of Love – its purest and most global forms, its spiritual forms, its most intimate manifestations, the cruel lacks of love and the victims they also bring down with them, like this Iranian girl who was killed by a lost bullet. It is her face the movie is showing at the beginning of Revolution and her death, at the end of the song. Hats off to everyone who has contributed to movie, you all made an excellent job. It really brings a lot to the performance. I officially suggest that the movie by itself is made available on DVD, (why not) as an extra to the band’s favorite gig in the tour.

I feel the Love this tour is expressing is far beyond words and understanding. It is something to be experienced and sometimes music, images, well being and creativity can really open a gate to this state of consciousness that is available within everyone of us. After many years of quest, meditation, reading and learning, I am now starting to feel that there is nothing I can rationally do to experience this global consciousness, which lies in Love, but not in love as we define it. All these conceptual words like peace, love, power, consciousness are totally beyond understanding, they transcend the mind. They remain concepts with a rational definition until they are felt with the being, beyond emotions, desire or personality. Love is consciousness and encompasses everything you’ve ever felt or experienced. I now understand that pure presence and uninterested love are the keys to abundance, as this day has proven to me once again. By accepting what was, by simply being, rather than doing, thinking or trying to, I opened the gate that permitted Love to come into my life, and in this specific case, the Love that got in expressed itself all day, as some kind of conspiracy to make my life as beautiful as it can be on the day of September 14. 2009. This is what I was trying to express with all the personal, non Cult related portions of my review.

On the way back home, I was telling Michel and his girlfriend about my wonderful experiences with The Cult – there are so many, I could talk about it for hours! She stressed how lucky I was to have had The Cult, a band that I have loved and followed for most of my life. I don’t believe neither in luck, nor coincidence, but I am indeed very rich. I now realize, that as foolish as it may seem to a non-initiate, The Cult has been part of this process for most of my life; I’ve grown with the band in so many ways, that all that there is left today is this amazing all-encompassing feeling of love and gratitude that still is and will always be resonating in my waters. The Cult is definitely my Medicine.

I will now practice what I preach and return into the present and let go of this beautiful experience that I wanted to share with you. Thank you for reading all the way to the end.

Meegwetch Mahingan-Abinòdjìnjish, kizakiin

Àsamàte aka Karine

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1  In a few words, the Memory of water means that water has a cellular structure that registers intent and the vibrations that are sent to it. When frozen, the water charged with music or positiv words such as love, thank you, compassion thaw into ice crystals of beautiful shapes, while the water charged with words like hate, Hitler or revenge, thaw in erratic shaped flakes.

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