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Conquest: Special presentation in S.F., CA

Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival, the American Indian Film Institute, and the National Museum of the American Indian will present a very special film night where there will be a special presentation of "Conquest" among the other films.

"Conquest" is a documentary based on Andrea Smith's book "Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide" which reveals untold Truths about the abuse of Native Americans.

It's directed by Lorna Love and produced by Ian Astbury.

Lorna Love and Ian Astbury
will talk about Conquest and present its preview at the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco on Sept. 10, 2011 from 8pm.

Don't miss it if you are in that area!


Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival website:
American Indian Film Institute website:
National Museum of the American Indian Website:

Thanks to Steven Holland for the shout out



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