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New competition for the die hard bros and sis!

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Robstar is a fan from Australia! 

"I first got into The Cult via Sonic Temple (still my favourite for too many reasons to list).
From that time I spent countless hours attempting to make my own 'perfect' Cult compliations and pushing them onto anyone who'd give them half a listen.
Sadly, I missed The Cult's 1994 tour of Australia and was shattered when they split not long after.
I also had tickets but missed seeing Ian with The Doors... I have been a mad Cult fan and collector since 1987 and though I had given up hope of ever seeing them live, I made damn sure I saw them on the Love Live tour in 2010 and will never miss them again!
If it's any consolation to others - this prize did indeed go to a die hard fan. Cult Forever Forever Cult!
Here is a collage I made in memory of seeing them... " - Rob




Here is a new competition for the die hard brothers and sisters!

The Cult's 1984 album, "Dreamtime" has the lyrics of a song printed in the inner sleeves of the vinyl and cd editions...

What's the title of the song?

Write the right answer in the comments here - only this website, not facebook or twitter -  and you might get the Cult European 2011 tour work shirt (Dickies).

I was told that Ian Astbury had the shirts made for the crew so this is a very exclusive prize!

The name of the winner will be published here tomorrow...
So you have 24 hours from now!

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Julie xx


Special thanks to Damon W. for the work shirt - And thanks to The Cult! - CFFC





And if the winner will be a Sister, the work shirt can be worn with a nice high waist belt...

Thanks to S.S. co-admin Jane




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